Wait, what?

Homebrew software development on the Nintendo Wii. My goal is to enable someone following these tutorials to;

Why Wii Development?

You’d think programmers would stop asking this question by now. Why not Wii Development? Any time you’re coding, you’re learning. In addition to learning about programming in general, you will learn how to develop an application for an older, more simpler console system.

Obviously you’d have to have some interest in the Wii in particular. Maybe you were intrigued by it being the first successful implementation of Motion Controls in a gaming console. Maybe you grew up with it. Maybe you just have one hanging around because it was just another in a log line of consoles for you.

What can I do with it?

It’s a game console. More importantly, it’s just another type of computer. You can program games, or really you can program whatever you like. You’ll have access to the Wii’s features such as the Wiimote.

Who is your target audience? I’ve don’t know how to code, can I follow this?

I’m hoping anyone can follow this. However realistically, we are talking about cross compiling an application from a linux/windows machine to a powerPC console. Not a trivial task even for a seasoned programmer. The toolset/environment it is in is very confusing. If you run into a problem expect it to be frustrating, because it will be very challenging.

What will I need to work along?

Believe it or not, you won’t need a Wii. Most of this software can be tested via the Dolphin Emulator. However I do have in my lesson plans how to push an application to a Wii on your local network and run it.

When we get there, you will of course need a Wii on your local network, modded to run Homebrew. You will also need a computer running either Linux, or Windows. I will be making a detailed tutorial from both starting environments.

When the next article is written, the link to it will be here.